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Getting in touch

California People Search

303 Twin Dolphin Dr Suite 600

CA 94065 Redwood City

United States of America

+1 (650) 632 4418

California People Search

  • Active since 2000
  • 6 - 10 employees

At California People Search you can be confident that a dedicated and experienced team will be working on your behalf to source only the highest, most qualified candidates for you and your company. We listen carefully to both our clients’ and candidates’ needs, essentials and pre-requisites so the result is an efficient, seamless and fruitful search allowing you to do what you do best… build your business.

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  • Ca People Search: Providing EA, AA & HR visit https://t.co/Zx919ntasL or email r.pickett@capeoplesearch.com #EA #newjob #venturecapital - 03 dec 2015
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